Les Enfants soldats et Namegabe Murhabazi

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  1. Well after reading nromueus other articles as well As hearing different versions of this story, I stand proud with no shame by saying katumba mwanke GO TO HELL. karma exists the blood of more than 8 million congolese brothers and sister were on his hands. he sold our resources for cheap for monetary gain that went straight into his pocket, while millions suffered.I am a God fearing christian, and even though you dont return evil with evil. Nothing just happens everything happens for a reason. Victory is ours TSHI TSHI for president kabila in the HAgue and a Prosperous Congo!!!!!! INGETA

  2. jo

    jéhovah va te bénir papa si pas sur cette terre des hommes même au dernier jour pour ce grand travail que tu éffectues

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