Visite de Michel BIRINDWA à WALUNGU au Sud-Kivu

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  1. Placide Mubalama

    Si ton père BIRINDWA FAUSTIN ressuscitait , il te blâmerait d`avoir trahi son patriotisme, en te liguant derrière cette majorité, qui fait même partie des ceux et celles qui ont souhaité sa mort , et qui ont  hypothéqué l’avenir d’un tout un  peuple pour des intérêts égoïstes auxquels tu t`accroches aussi. Honte!!!

  2. Tadeusz


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    Je pense que vous pouvez m »aider.

    Grand merci d’avance.

    Tadeusz Jurkiewicz

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    Mwami Mubondwe (NaBushi na Mubondwe). Father of:
    Mwami Muka Mubondwe (NaBuushi na Muka Mubondwe)
    Mwami Kagweshe c1600
    Mwami Muhive
    Mwami Kaserere c1700
    Mwami Weza I after 1700-before 1800
    Mwami Bichinga
    Mwami Cirhahongerwa c1780
    Mwami Chirimwentale c1800
    Mwami Kwibuka
    Mwami Rugenge Lushamba
    Mwami Ngweshe XI Lirangwe c1890-1892, +1892
    Mwami Ngweshe XII Ruhongeka 1892-1922, +1922
    Mwami Ngweshe XIII Mafundwe Rugema 1922-abdicated 1936
    Mwami Ngweshe XIV Muhigirwa 1936-…. Father of:
    Ngweshe XV Weza III Pierre J.M.J. Ndatabaye Muhigirwa, Mwami of Ngweshe since before 1979 (see above, Head of the Family)

    – Walikale: A chiefdom in the Walikale District of the North Kivu. Part of the Chiefdom is probably in Maniema. Created in 1954 with an area of 23,475 km², split from Masisi.

    – Wanyanga: Chiefdom in the Walikale District of the North Kivu. The tribe is also named Wanyanga.

  3. birindwa azali italien,il a refusé la nationalité congolais mere est une femme blanche italiene,habite à MILAN.


    Botika ki vantar heure moko ko!? Na ba anglais milayi milayi ozolinga ba congolais to ba mindele nde ba tanga yo? Soki olingi ba kongolais batanga,Koma na lingala ,swahili to français! Na langue mususu ozomiyokisa pasi ya pamba! Musala ya npunda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dude You are just like the rest of those politicians ,Reading this will never change anything to our country.What we need is to work together and support those people who are willing to do something. if you wanna help your country go there and show what you got man!!!!!!!!!!! stop wasting time lying to people on Internet like if we give you that big rich Country you can change it,noway only God can change DRC at anytime He wants.So stop talking and start praying that God sends us a good person who can help those poor people suffering there for nothing.But thanks for your efforts anyways.

  6. I do not want to be seen as pessimist in my thinking. But I can see that my fellow Congolese are not yet learning and discover the deceptive strategies of politicians.  I see the crowd of my fellow country-men dancing and enjoying because they meet with some body who is promising them heavens meanwhile they are living in heal. I think the Congolese need to request to be taken from hell and not being promised to be taken from hell.   We have been deceive several times by the politicians , and I honestly think that is enough. At this stage Congolese should request every one who is standing as presidential candidate to be given the practical test to prove how he can defend Congo against the external attacks of enemies.  The great need of the Republic Democratic of Congo at this stage it is not food or construction of infrastructure as many people are thinking. At actual moment the great need of the country is the « establishment of defensive strategic methods against the external attacks »  .This what I have spoke in my first document, although the journalist do not want to publish it.  I would like to add it down here for any one who want to read it.  Please publish this document, perhaps it will help my people to find themselves, to reason constructively and refuse to be deceived.


    This document was written with the objective of presenting the current situation of Congo. It is also rising an attempt to expose the cardinal cause of misery and various types of problems in the republic Democratic of Congo.
    Truth is communicated in very Straight language throughout this document; but it is not done with the objective of hurting anybody.
    Much that is written in this document is based on the personal observation of the author. 
    This document was written in SOUTH AFRICA- JOHANNESBURG, on 28/09/2011

    THE AUTHOR: SAMUEL FARAJA LUSAMBYA.I am Christian, Congolese young man, from the tribe of REGA in eastern part of Congo. The pursuit of education in South Africa is my major interest.
    At last page of this document, you will find my personal contacts which you may use if you need to comment or questioning something about this document.  Please feel free to speak, for straight talk is needed in order to build the world of today.

    1. THE QUALITIES OF A PRESIDENT-LEADER VERSUS THE PRESIDENT-RULER1.1. The leader sees responsibility and not authority1.2. The leader has people in heart and mind1.3. The leader must has vision about his people and plan to accomplish his vision

    • THE REPUBLIC DEMOCRATIC OF CONGO NEEDS A LEADERINTRODUCTIONThe republic democratic of Congo (DRC) has no leader currently, neither there was one before. We have a president as we had couple of them before. We can even recall some of them who are recorded famously in Congolese history. Kasavubu, Mobutu, Laurent Kabila were all presidents each one at his own époque, but none of them deserve the leadership identity.
    There is a great disparity between being a president and being a leader.  The world should understand that it possible to be a president without being a leader, and sometimes it might be vice versa.Anyone might become a president, but not everyone is the leader.  
    People are becoming presidents, but leaders are born. The ability to lead people is the precious gift from God and only found in few people.  The reception of presidential title is nothing than an official declaration of having the country under your control. Anyone may subject the country under his control, either by force, or by tricks. But none may lead it if he is not a leader. 
    All men who acceded to the presidential thrown in the republic Democratic of Congo since 1960 until today are known as “presidents-rulers”. They ruled over the nation and not leading the nation.
    1. THE QUALITIES OF A PRESIDENT-LEADER VERSUS THE PRESIDENT-RULERIt is easy to identify someone who is a “president-ruler” and not a leader. Leaders are concerned about their responsibilities and wellbeing of their people. But the concern of authority (power) remains the priority of a president who is not a leader. This is one of the universal mark serving for identification of a leader in the community and country in general. 
    The Congolese state has never finds a leader. It has been transferred time and again into the hands of “presidents-rulers”, and not “presidents-leaders”. All of them were concerned about power, and not their responsibilities and well being of the Congolese. They all considered presidential title most important than presidential responsibilities. They fought and kill each other for the presidential title, but forgetting to work on the demand of the country.   
     They ruled over the nation and not leading the nation. This is because they were not leaders, but rulers. 1.1. The leader sees responsibility, and not authority (power)1.2. The leader has people in heart and mind1.3. The leader must have a vision about his people; and a plan to accomplish a vision
    The elements stated above are the most vital and fundamental qualities of a leader.  I feel sad and very disgraceful to confess that not even the current president of Congo is in possession of these qualities. We can still evaluating all the presidents of Congo and see whether they had these required qualities of leadership
    1.1. The leader sees responsibility, and not authority (power). From the first president of Congo to the current one, I do not see anyone of them who considered his responsibility vis-à-vis to the state as president to be more important, neither being prioritized in their lives. They all got it vice-versa. They considered authority (power) more, important than responsibility. 
    Anybody who sees authority and consider it as the important key in the management of social affairs cannot escape from the horrible risk of exercising dictatorial leadership upon his people. This is the case of Congo. All the presidents of Congo were dictators and experts in oppressing their own people. It might be possible that some of them were not recorded as dictators due to the fact that their ruling period was very short. People could not have enough time to analyze properly their managerial skill vis-à-vis to the state and having a clear picture of their dictatorship. But the means they used to enter to the power might help someone to understand whether they were dictators or not. 
    The majority of Congolese leaders used weapons to come to the power. Some of them mad even coup d’état and kill innocents people so that they may be in possession of presidential title. It is clear that some Congolese presidents have killed their predecessors openly, but others did it secretively and they do not want anybody to mention something about it. The truth of the matter is that, those who had audacity of killing in public and those who did it in secrete are all dictators and deserve not to be considered as the leaders. 
    1.2. The leader has people in heart and mind   It is quite impossible for a dictator to have people in heart and mind for good purpose. If one gets to be recalled in the mind of a dictator, then such person’s life is in danger. Dictators are only remembering people that they will need to kill and destroy. Looking at the actions of Congolese presidents, one might clearly confirm that none of them had people in his heart. They were all concerned about authority and material staffs; not anything about the wellbeing of the Congolese.
    Anyone who is not concerned about people will definitely display the exaggerated concern on authority and materials. Such person will always serve to spread corruption and tyrannical leadership. 
    This is the situation of the Republic Democratic of Congo. Presidents are known as experts in stealing the resources of the state. Anyone who becomes president in Congo gets to be counted among the world milliners in few months. They use their full authority to squeeze down anybody who questions the surprising abundance of richness which they accumulate corruptively from the state. It is impossible to deal with corruption in the country mean while the top man who was suppose to be a role model is stealing.  Authority and materials was the most prominent staff preoccupying the heart and minds of all presidents of the Republic democratic of Congo. Therefore none of them deserve to be acknowledging as leader in the entire history of Congo.

    1.3. The leader must have a vision about his people and plan to accomplish the visionIt sound bit harsh for me to confess that the Congolese presidents were not having long vision about the Congolese state. The majority of them they could not see anything more than the reception of presidential title. None of them managed to leave a considerable legacy to the Congolese. All what they did is to contend for presidential position, and to steal the state’s resources in order to enrich themselves more and more.  
    Beside of not having the vision of the country, these presidents were not even considering Congo as their own residential place. They viewed the country as working place where they are just getting their daily bread to survive with their own families. In reality all the Congolese presidents considered Europe and America to be their home; but they viewed Congo as the farm where they had only the responsibility to enjoy harvest of delicious fruits.  This is the reason why most of them keep their treasures in western countries. They could not keep their valuable staff in Congo, because they had no vision about this country, and after all did not consider it as their own residential place.  
    I do not think that even those who are contending for presidential position currently in Republic Democratic of Congo have the vision about this country.  Few months ago, four presidential candidates were called by press to give their reason of contending for presidential position. They were also requested to propel the visions they have about the Republic Democratic of Congo. I was very disappointed when I paid a careful attention to their speeches about the country.  There was nothing solid in their speeches to prove that they have a vision about the country. They were saying nothing than blaming the past and the present situation of the country. I expected to hear their plan of getting the country out of disorder and insecurity which we are facing. Unfortunately, there was nothing than mere political speeches.    
    It is very dangerous when the man without a vision is taking control over the country. Such person may not be helpful to the nation, but will definitely bring the most inconceivable disaster upon the entire country. 
    What do I mean by having the vision of the country?The word vision might be interpreted in various ways since it is recognized as ambiguous term. But in this context, I refer to the word “vision” as the ability to identify the ultimate important need of the country, and effective means to supply the vey need. 
    When I say that the current president of the republic Democratic of Congo has no vision of the Country, I do not intend to disrespect him, but to indicate frankly that “he is completely unable to identify the greatest need of the country”. His failure to supply to the demand of the country resulted from the well known fact of not being able to identify the greatest need of the Republic Democratic of Congo. 
    Chaos and all kind of disasters will always prevail in the country subjected under a president who has no vision. In the country where none visionary president is ruling, it is obvious to find the high rate of corruption, wars and riots, famine, accidents and epidemic diseases decimating the population helplessly. This is because he cannot identify people who have sufficient potential to run the management of the country effectively. Such president elects unqualified people to the high administration of the country simply because they are friends or relatives.  
    The Republic Democratic of Congo is in very chaotic situation and defined as anarchy state, because the current president has no vision about the country. He has very poor administration as he could not identify the right people for the work. His office bearers are not competent enough to think creatively and set into place the correct methods of avoiding disasters inside the country.  The Congolese are dying like flies every day due to the poor administration of Joseph Kabila which cannot secure the country.  There are now and then fatal accidents inside the country. 
    The airplanes, boats, ships, and cars that are not worthy to be utilized for transport purpose are now given a full right to operate and place peoples’ lives into a risk.  The number of aerial and aquatic accidents that occurred and claim the lives of the Congolese since Joseph Kabila has been ruling this country is sufficient enough for causing someone to shed tears unceasingly.  
    Joseph Kabila and his irresponsible administration is making life more complicated and altogether impossible for the Congolese. He is not sensitive to the problems of the Congolese nation, neither to the distraction of the country. He is unable to regulate the effective polices which may restrict the unnecessary deaths of people in Congo.  The unnecessary accidents and war that is decimating the population in Congo are the result of not having the wise president who has the vision for the country. I turn to repeat again that “there is no leader in Congo currently, neither there was one before”.   The Congolese for the present moment are just like flocks without a shepherd.      
    The current government of DRC has proven to be very irresponsible and unable to manage the country. It is reflecting the picture of child who refused to grow and expecting the mother always to take care of him although he is old enough to do things by his own. This government is constantly appealing for United Nation to came and help the country when the disaster is taking place, instead of thinking in advance the means that may serve for the prevention of the disasters. 
    I do not need to convince anyone regarding the weakness of this government, because it has never been hidden but displayed plainly before the entire world. This government has presented their treaty to the United Nation to come and keep peace in the Congo, because they were incompetent to deal with this problem. United Nation were the one helping to rescue people when many houses banned down in SANGE (east part of Congo) as result of the catastrophic accident of the vehicle carried the great tank of petrol from Tanzania to Congo. This event was televised and many people shed tears painfully about it. The same United Nation has been helping in rescuing people when ships and boats are sinking indifferent lakes of Congo.  They are also assisting in many cases when the airplanes are crashing in various provinces of Congo.  
    The current government of DRC should be ashamed and accept that they totally fail to control the Country. The head of the state at the present moment should accept to be led, and not to lead the country. He has proven by all means that he is not a leader.
    2. WHY THE REPUBLIC DEMOCRATIC OF CONGO NEEDS A LEADER?The Republic Democratic of Congo need nothing more than a competent leader in order to get away from disorder and distractions which is prevailing in the country. When I speak about the competent leader, I think of someone who has the vision about the country, and ability to turn the vision into something tangible and altogether reality. I am very clear in my statement as I confessed that DRC at present moment does not need only “a leader”, but a “competent leader”.  
    Someone can be considered mistakably as competent leaders, because is having a vision about his countries or people. But we should not deceive ourselves to that extend. It is in fact unforgivable sin to take an audacity of considering someone as “competent leaders”, mean while he is unable to turn his vision into reality.
    LAURENT DESIRE KABILA was one of president of Congo who had the vision about the country, but had no ability also to turn his vision into reality. He was bold, fearless and decisive in his opinions regarding the affairs of the country. We can also confirm that Laurent Kabila was a good politician, talkative person; but not strategist.  He could not manage to help the Congolese because he was not a strategist person. It is a taboo and unconventional idea to categorize such man among the “a competent leaders” since he has proven to be incapable of turning his vision into reality. 
    3. WHAT KIND OF A LEADER NEEDED CURRENTLY IN THE REPUBLIC DEMOCRATIC OF CONGO?Having read this discourse from the beginning up this stage, you can understand clearly that the disorder and various kind of disaster taking place in the republic Democratic of Congo are nothing than the consequential results of not having a competent leader who has the ability to discern the great need of the Country, and set into place the effective strategy to supply to the very need.
    It is good for us to point out some of the expected qualities of the type of president needed currently in the Republic Democratic of Congo. • I have already indicated that the republic Democratic of Congo needs a “Leader”. When I refer to a leader in this regard, I simply mean someone who has vision about the country, who thinks about the well being of the Congolese citizens.• I also said that, the leader must be wise. I consider wisdom on the side of a leader as the ability to discern the current and future need of the country and set into place the plans to supply same needs on the right time.• He must be able to implement plans to change his vision into something tangible.
    Please, let nobody misunderstand my declaration regarding this topic. It is true and worthy to confess that currently the Republic Democratic of Congo does not have leader ruling the country; but I strongly believe that few of them are available somewhere. These leaders might be inside the country or in Diaspora. There is a great hope of having even more competent and strong leaders in the future among the Congolese young generation. It is just the responsibility of the Congolese population to search for their prospective leaders and enthrone them to the position of leadership. The straggle of the Congolese currently is to have a clear discernment of discovering a suitable and competent leader of their country.     
    4. WHAT IS THE RIGHT PROCEDURE TO IDENTIFY AND ELECT A RIGHT LEADER FOR THE REPUBLIC DEMOCRATIC OF CONGO?All countries that are operating under democratic laws are always using various system of election to appoint somebody to the presidential power. Voting is one of these system used in these countries. The system of election in democratic country is always setting the corrupt leaders on power because it is always done blindly.  People are getting deceived most of the time by the eloquent speech of politicians who are always promising them heaven and earth which they cannot create. The candidates are getting elected to power because they are managing to deceive their own citizens who do not know much about their personal lives. 
    Presidential election in democratic countries is always done blindly like a fisherman who is pulling his net from the sea, but not knowing what kind of animal his net caught until he drag it inside the boat. It is always disappointing when the fisherman has pulled  his net in the boat hoping for the fish, but getting crocodiles and serpents in the very net. 
    The election in the democratic countries is always done in such blind ways by voting people whom the citizens do not know properly their abilities of leadership and determinative decision to help the country.  The citizens who are electing people in democratic countries are just like the fisherman who is throwing his net in the sea, but not knowing what he will get in return.  
    The Republic Democratic of Congo does not need to apply this blind system of election at this time. We need to know correctly the ability of candidates who are standing for the presidential elections in our county. We need more than theories and eloquence of political speech from them.It will be very unfair for the Congolese to elect somebody as president simply because he knows how to speck and give empty promises to the nation. It will be even considered a great offense for the Congolese nation to be imposed or corruptively given a president by the super powers (the countries in control of the world currently).
    We need to set the practical test for the presidential candidates in order to know their abilities of leadership. We can only judge whether the presidential candidates are fit and competent to protect and lead the country after knowing their abilities and determination to help the citizens. 

    5. THE SUGGESTED PREREQUISITE CONDITION TO STAND FOR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDACY IN CONGO Although there might be many and good point that has been made by the head of the state and electoral commission as prerequisite to stand as presidential candidate in Congo, I would like to suggest the addition of this point: 
    It will be good for each and every presidential candidate to present the value of all the assets he has in Congo and in all other foreign Countries. If the value of his assets outside the country surpasses the one that is inside the country; that person should be disqualified immediately of standing as presidential candidate. Having much assets outside the country will be the first sign indicating with certainty that such person will be stealing the resource of Congo and keep them for himself in other countries as other diplomats people were doing in the past. The right person to stand for presidential position is someone who is known as patriotic man; considering his life worthy in his home country only and sees no possibility of achieving any comfortable life outside his home country.
    After having the qualified presidential candidates, it is important to set the practical test pertaining to the management of the entire county’s affairs. It is useless and altogether unwise to elect someone for presidential position of the country basing our fact on what he says. It is better to set a practical test for all presidential candidates, in order for them to prove to the nation what they are capable to perform for the benefit of their country. We would like to suggest that the program of election through papers and pen may be abandoned and presidential candidates may be required to stand for the following test:• Every candidate must present his plan of putting the end to the war and insecurity of the eastern part of Congo. • He must state how is security police will sustain continuously the entire country against the internal and external attacks.• His security police must be independent and not depending to any foreign country.• His policy must be both diplomatic and practical at the same time.• His security policy must be effective to achieve its purpose, but limited to his available financial position. It should not leave the country in debts later.• The Congolese living on the spot of his mission must be secured and free from danger while the implementations of security policy are taken into action.• He must be able to catch and set under arrest at least of three famous criminals among those who stood since the time of Laurent Kabila at cause of blood shedding at the eastern part of Congo.
    Take not: Every presidential candidate must be given only two months to set into action and achieve the above stated points of test. If anyone manage to achieve the above stated point over the period of two months which is given as mandate to everyone, then such person deserve without question to stand as president of the Republic Democratic of Congo. 
    It is obviously seen that I am insisting much on the presentation of successful policy of security in Congo as prerequisite to stand the first chance of presidential position in the very country. The development of this idea resulted from the careful analyze over the critical condition of the entire Congolese state which has proven the need of security to be the most majestic and urgently deserving to be set into place.
    The establishment of effective policy of security in the Republic Democratic of Congo must be the foremost interesting research of every Congolese, and especial those who are thinking of taking the leadership in the very country.  The effective policy to regulate the security in the entire state of Republic Democratic of Congo is urgently needed for the protection of the country from terrorists. 
    As the Congolese we are happy that we have a lot of mineral and richness; but I want every Congolese to know that we have more problems and challenges more than many countries in the world.  The quality and density of mineral we have, determines the number and seriousness of problem we have as the state. The number of enemies of Congolese state is proportionate equal to the quality and density of mineral found in Congo.  Congo has many enemies, and their number will continue to increase in the future as longer as the discovery of mineral prevails in the very country. 
    There no way that the Republic Democratic of Congo may be spared from the attacks of terrorists in the future, since it has many enemies. At the present moment, the condition of the republic Democratic of Congo is similar to a bigger store with precious merchandises under control of the most stupid manager who does not think about the security of this store, but expecting everything to be safe and in order every day. He leaves the doors widely opened day and night, but still expecting to find all the good untouched in this store!!!  Indeed  the Congolese state needs a courageous, determined, intelligent, and most wise president who will be able to regulate the effective policies of security to protect  the entire country from the terrorists. 
    Where the right leader is found, is where the right things are taking place. The intelligent and wise leader maintains order even among the rebellious people as the book of proverbs says: “When the country is rebellious it has many rulers, but the man of understanding and knowledge maintains order” (Prov. 28:2).  
    There is still opportunity for the Congo nation to return back its dignity and find once again its identity among the nations of the world if all the Congolese decide firmly to search for it. To get Congo out of distraction and its enormous misery, we must get people’s thinking straight. The shape and identity of any country lays in the mind of its citizens.
     All the Congolese must understand that the need to rebuild, beautifying, protecting, and defending their country lays primarily upon their shoulders and not on foreign nations. If all the Congolese may adopt the ideas given in this discourse, will delight to execute their responsibilities and change their country into a most admirable place to live. 
    Every Congolese must adopt the positive thinking in order to influence better changes in Congo. We as Congolese nation need to think deeper and broaden our minds in searching solutions to the problems that we are facing in our country.
     I have realized that in this life, people’s minds are always enslaved by whatever any of their five senses presents as reality. But a free minded person sees the reality behind whatever any of the five senses of men presents as reality. In another way, I say “The free minded person sees the reality hidden behind the reality” 
    It is good indeed to have a freedom of speech as people in democratic countries are requesting. But we need a freedom of mind which is far more essential than freedom of speech. It is impossible to enslave someone who has free mind. A free mind is the key to the development of a country and liberation of people from any kind of oppression. 
    This is the positive type of mind that must be adopted by all the Congolese in order for us to top over the problems we are facing as Congolese nation.  

    6. WHY DO THE CONGOLESE MUST HAVE THE FREE MIND?It will be impossible to rebuild Congo if the Congolese themselves are not in possession of free minds. It will be impossible for them to elect the right president, because they will not see him as their minds will not be able to perceive behind whatever seems to be the reality about both the condition of the country and presidential candidates. It is only when the Congolese as nation get to have free minds; they may define correctly the current condition of Congo and identify the right person who is honestly willing and competently standing for   the reconstruction work of the entire country. 
    Without having a free minds, the Congolese population will be deceive once more by the good words of the politicians, and elect them to the presidential position meanwhile they are not able to lead the country. This will definitely take place if the Congolese may not force themselves to see the reality behind what their senses defines as reality about the condition of Congo.
    It will be a great advantage and easier to rebuild Congo if the larger number of its politicians are having a free minds. The politicians who are having free minds are privileged to perceive the problem and its original cause. When they want to solve a certain problem, they move extra miles, directly to the source of the problem and wipe it out together with its roots so that it might not appear anymore in the future.  There is some identification signs that might help the Congolese people to identify among themselves the politicians who are free minded. Some of the identification marks are presented as the follows: • The free minded politicians will always see the solution of problem on the same spot where the problem is calling people’s attention. In short we can say, a free minded politician does not expect the solution of his country’s problem to come from overseas.
    • A free minded politician sees himself as solution to the problem and not someone else. He does not run away from his responsibility and expect someone to take charge of solving problem in his home country. The majority of the Congolese politicians, including the current president are not free minded people. They always expect to get solution of country’s problem from overseas. I cannot remember anything that the Congolese politicians or current government achieved by themselves without the help of international community. Both Congolese politicians and government had no solution to the problem of war, until they had to call peace keepers as part of international community to deal with this problem at eastern part of the Republic Democratic of Congo. 
    They even fail to see the cause and set into place the strategy to deal with major and horrible accidents which are decimating their own population every time. They have proven to have no solution to Terrestrial, aquatic and aerial accidents which are taking place in Congo as I mentioned on previous pages. The only thing that they are doing on their own best ability is nothing than   calling the united nation to come and save people’s lives when the accidents are taking place. This is disgraceful and altogether unconventional.  I could have resigned if I was a politician or a member of Congolese government after realizing that we are unable to help the Congolese nation in this regard.

    CONCLUSIONThe Republic Democratic of Congo is in great need of a “president-leader”, and not a “president- ruler”. The various problems that Congo is facing currently can be solving if we may find competent and wise leaders who are able to see beyond the surface of any reality. 
    The current government of the republic Democratic of Congo has proven to be irresponsible and altogether incompetent to discharge its duties of supplying to the need of the Congolese citizens.   There is much insecurity still in the republic democratic of Congo, and especially at the eastern part of the country.  The citizens are dying like flies every day and women are getting raped by none identified men, yet the government ironically claim to have the entire country under control.  They are failing completely to solve the problem of insecurity at the eastern part of Congo.  
    There are also fatal accidents and various catastrophes that are repetitively skyrocketing at different places in Congo because of the laziness of the government to set into action the effective measures of enforcing the law for the protection sake of the people living in the country.  
    We are in deed of the right president and competent government to be set into place to deal with the problem of Congo. It is unwise to elect a president in Congo by using pen and paper at this stage. The presidential candidates must be given a practical test enlisted on previous pages of this document and prove to the Congolese citizens that they will be able to lead and maintain the Country. We are sick and tired with long speeches of politicians who cannot help the country, but giving only empty promises to the nation. At this term, we want no theories, but actions. The pending results achieved from the practical test by each presidential candidate will determine fairly his possible success to the presidential position. 
    The Congolese people must have a free mind in order to understand the condition of Congo and being able to identify the suitable person who may stand as president to deal with the current problems of this country. It is only the free minded people who are privileged to see and interpret the reality hidden behind the reality. If the Congolese may reject the advice provided in this article, will be deceive and elect incompetent man to be the president of Congolese state. He will destroy and seat to steal the resource of the country as did many of them in the past.   
    This document is not written with the objective to criticize anybody, but to expose the most cardinal causes of major problems in the Republic Democratic of Congo. The same document was also written with the objective to awaken my compatriots at every corner of the world and seek the solution to the problems that the Republic Democratic of Congo is currently facing.   

    Let everyone have access to the content of this document. I will prefer it to be published since there is nothing confidential within it.    
    For any question or comments regarding this document, you may consult the following email

    This Country has been alternately subjected under control of different men who had proven to be irresponsible and incompetent to lead the Congolese nation.  The country suffered the same problem since 1960 when its independence has been officially proclaimed.   
    All men that  had an opportunity to rule over this country had following weakness in common:* They were all presidents, but none was a leader* They considered power more valuable than responsibility.
    Let me elucidate the above declaration in simple and more comprehensive manner. I understand that you might possible posing yourself the question by saying “Is it possible to have a president who is not a leader?” 
     I would like to confirm to you that, indeed it is possible to have a president who is not a leader.  Anyone can become a president, but none may become a leader if he was not born a leader. Leaders are naturally born , but presidents might be elected or arising to the power either by force or tricks. The ability to lead is the precious gift from God, and found only in few individuals. The reception of presidential title is nothing than official declaration of having the country under your control. Anybody may subject the country under his control, but none can lead the country if he is not a leader. 
    The Congolese nation has never been led, because it has never finds a leader. But it has been ruled consecutively throughout the history by various rulers such as Kasavubu, Mobutu, Laurent Kabila, and Joseph Kabila.   All these men are known as presidents, but none of them displayed the quality of leadership.
    A leader is just like a responsible shepherd who carries people in his heart and mind as shepherd does to his own flocks.  


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