Vital Kamerhe en campagne électoral a BUKAVU, Elections presidentielles 2011

Photos publiées le 29 Nov 2011 à 1:52

Photos de Vital Kamerhe en campagne électoral a BUKAVU.


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  1. frank

    i am glad to see ,hear and crying to what is going on in our country.We are tied with those pesidents who are not capable to lead our country. Let them know that we are not happy to see our parent dieing,sisters,brothers and other congolese because their interests.please do not sell our people and nothing we have done to you leader. And i ask myselft why people suffer on behalf of those are eating every thing. they have to eat but we donot want war and kill our peole. please we have been tied for long time

  2. Wabasantu

    It is good to listen to those who are entering the presidential company, but it is not wise to believe them quickly unless they prove what they are saying by action. We all expecting to get a competent leader who will be able to deal successfully with external attacks that are overpowering the RDC,and specially the eastern part of Congo. Vital Kamer has never prove the Congolese how is going to protect the country against the attacks that we are facing day after day! He shouldbe able to present with transparency the internal and external policy of security for the protection of the country. It is only after taking such policy into probation and find that it will be successful,then we should be happy and confirm that Kamerhe is the suitable leader of the Congo. What is He saying about the unknown armed men who are raping our sisters and mamas at eastern of Congo? What is saying about the foreign armies that entering the country with liberty as they like? How is going to bring this disorder to indisputable end?
    This time Congo does not need a leader who is politically skilled and able to talk only,but who is capable to implement the wise decision in connection of protection of the country.

  3. tondol bavuwu

    meme si PAPITCHO trichait il sera toujours battu

  4. Jonas KACHIGA


  5. freddy bagalwa lwakasi

    niko mu toto wa bukavu ni furaha sana ku ona muna pokeya kamerhe muzuri niju ya avenir ye tu chibote ba kivucien tuko uku ku afrique du sud lakini hatuna furaha ya kwabatu kama ichi ina kuwa muzuri tuna rudi uku kwenye tuko nimateso tuko tu sa ba prisonier ju ni kwa batu.

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