NETI NA UH – Innoss’B (Innocent Balume) avec un Message particulier pour l’EST

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  1. Wabasantu

    you dear compatriot for the music! I am convinced that you have worked hard for
    this interesting production. It sound good and even your English accent is
    super! But now let us analyze the content of the music.

    wonder whether the message we get from this song is relevant to the
    situation of the people who are living in the dread situation of war at eastern
    part of Congo!!

    The introduction of the Singer says that we must just pray for the situation of
    Congo. I have heard the same idea from Sister Pollin in 2011 while I was
    commenting on the matters pertaining to presidential elections.

    But i will like to advise you dear compatriots to be realistic!

    Prayer alone will not solve the problem of Congo. We need to pray for wisdom
    from God while we are wrestling with the reality of war. It is my prayer that
    God may help us as the youths to see the real cause of destruction in DRC. This
    should be also the resurgent moment of political matters. I wonder why we are
    just producing Musicians instead of Physicians. We also produce a great number
    of Pastors instead of Parachutist Commandos. We need to discernment the
    activities that need to be prioritized in order to help the country.

    I understand that we cannot all of us plunge into political business, but it is
    also regrettable that the majority of us want only to become musicians and
    Pastors. I believe it will be very helpful for us if we can have musicians who
    are thinking politically and supply constructive ideas to the nation. I greatly
    appreciate and paid respect to all the Congolese activists. On this point I
    remember dear Compatriot Olivier Katoto in England, Bulard Byamungu in France
    and everyone who is working in this regard whether in side the country or in

    Yours truly

    Samuel Lusambya

  2. Mr-Duhot - Jean-Claude

    Voilà un jeune chanteur qui va faire du chemin -il a un avenir prometteur ainsi que son orchestre devant lui-Bravo-sincèrement ses rythmes ,sa voix vont faire vibrer ses partisans partout où il se produira-
    peut-être un jour viendra t-il en Belgique-
    Bon et beau succès donc à ce nouveau groupe musical-

  3. Mr-Duhot - Jean-Claude

    Voilà un jeune chanteur qui va faire du chemin-il a un avenir prometteur ainsi que son orchestre devant lui-
    Bravo,ses rythmes ,sa voix vont faire vibrer les masses de ses partisans partout où ils se produirons-
    A quand sa venue en Belgique-
    Beau succés à ce nouveau groupe musical

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