Black Coffee’s Hand – What Happened?

black coffee’s hand

Black Coffee’s hand hasn’t deterred his meteoric rise to fame. He has become a renowned international DJ with much success and international recognition. He is one of the wealthiest musicians in South Africa and Africa. 

Black Coffee wears many hats – the producer, songwriter and entrepreneur has worked with several international artists, including Drake on his album Honestly Nevermind, David Guetta and Usher. He owns a record label called Soulistic Music, where he released his debut album, ‘Black Coffee.’ 

Since then, he’s released seven studio albums, the latest one dubbed ‘Subconsciously,’ won him a Grammy. The prolific DJ has also performed at some of the world’s biggest festivals, including Coachella and the Ultra Music Festival. He even ranked 91st on the Resident Advisors list of top 100 DJs. 

What Happened to Black Coffee’s Hand?

Many have come up with theories as to why Black Coffee hides his left hand. Well, Black Coffee solved the mystery after he spoke to Anele Mdoda on her talk show, Real talk. He bore his heart out for South Africa.

What happened to Black Coffee’s hand?

Black Coffee, whose real name is Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo, revealed that he was involved in a fatal taxi accident on 11th February 1990 when he was only 14 years old.

The accident happened when Black Coffee and his grandmother had gone to celebrate the release of Nelson Mandela from prison. A taxi intentionally rammed into the celebrating crowd, killing one in the ensuing melee, injuring Black Coffee’s hand, and altering his life.

He was rushed to the hospital, and doctors quickly concluded that it was just a minor fracture and sent him home. The cab driver wasn’t as lucky. According to Black Coffee, the crowd torched his car and k1ll*d the driver responsible.

After a while, Black Coffee’s hand started to experience severe pain. His grandmother took him to see a specialist at a hospital in Durban. The specialist ruled that he had suffered a brachial plexus injury meaning the accident damaged the nerves on his shoulder so severely that it might have needed amputating.

Fortunately, the doctor told him that his hand was not wholly damaged and ruled out amputation.  

Black Coffee’s Hand Injury – How Did It Affect Him?

He has had to live with this injury since childhood. Peers bullied Black Coffee as a kid, which resulted in him hiding his hand by wearing a brace.

However, he stopped wearing the brace but rarely, if ever, showed his left hand in public. He only did this when he wrote a heartfelt message on all his social media platforms sharing his struggles and journey with his paralyzed hand. 

Surgery and Therapy

In 2017, Black Coffee said he planned to enter a therapy program. Everyone had nothing but well wishes and hoped his new journey would bear fruit. 

He never shared any information about his surgery. However, due to his injury’s severity, he has accepted and prefers to embrace his paralyzed hand.

Black Coffee decided to share his story because he wanted to lead by example to his sons. He shared that he started to feel more confident and comfortable after years of struggling with insecurities and low self-esteem and spoke on how men need to start embracing their emotions rather than bottling them up.

He addressed on stereotypes, including the one that entails ‘men don’t cry’ and how it affects men, especially when handling their emotions. 

Black Coffee shared that it was about time he started facing his truth. He said that while he sometimes feels sensation in his hand, he does not see himself using two hands to deejay. 

Black Coffee said he is grateful to God and knows he put him in this situation for a reason.

Black Coffee is living his truth, embracing his flaws and plans to teach his sons the same values. He is very close to his children, even taking his firstborn son, Esona, to Las Vegas with him to attend the Grammy awards. 

The producer, songwriter and entrepreneur has four children. He had two sons with his now ex-wife Enhle Mbali and the other two from his previous relationship. 

Black Coffee met and proposed to Enhle Mbali in 2010. They had a traditional wedding in 2012 and an extravagant white wedding in 2017. However, their marriage had challenges. In 2017 the couple separated, allegedly due to Black Coffee’s extramarital affair with David Guetta’s then-wife Cathy Lobe. Black Coffee, however, denied the allegations. 

Enhle Mbali also accused him of abuse and lack of financial support when raising their children. Black Coffee rebuffed these allegations by posting screenshots of receipts and bills as proof to clear his name.

Enhle Mbali moved on and released a documentary called, The Voice, detailing her healing journey. These days, it seems like Black Coffee and Enhle Mbali have moved on and made peace with one another. She congratulated him on his Grammy win for Best Dance/Electronic Album, a possible sign that the two celebs have put their past aside and are now focused on raising the two kids they have together. Kudos!

Black Coffee’s Net Worth

Black Coffee is undoubtedly living his best life. He has a net worth of $60 million (R875 million). Black Coffee drives the best cars – his collection includes a Bentley, a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon and a CLK Mercedes. He lives in a posh suburban neighbourhood in a house estimated to be worth R7.4 million. He even has a penthouse in New York City and has his very own private jet. 

Moreover, Black Coffee hangs out with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Diddy and Swizz Beatz. 

All this would be incomplete without a beautiful lady beside him. Several news outlets have reported that he is dating British make-up artist Alexander Cane. 

His story is one of a kind; it teaches us that perceived flaws should not keep anyone from pursuing their dreams – Black Coffee embodies that. 

He became one of Africa’s most prominent and wealthiest deejays. Despite Black Coffe’s hand, the DJ has achieved fantastic success at home and internationally.

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