What Football Team Has The Best Fans?

What football team has the best fans? Football, as the most popular sport globally, fans are considered the twelfth man. They push teams through by encouraging players to put that extra effort to win games.

In the past, a substantial section of the fan base purchased weekly tickets to attend games, contributing substantial revenue. 

Today, satellite television has revolutionized professional sports, with clubs easily extending their reach to newer markets and avenues.

The popularization of the game in areas, such as Oceania, Asia, and Africa means more fans. let’s check out the best football fans. 

Best Fans in Football? 

10. Bayern Munich

The distinguished German club, both domestically and continentally in both far-flung and recent timeframes, is the most followed team in Germany. 

Undeniably, the club’s class on the pitch has fashioned a loyal support base that continues to grow every day. 

The Allianz Arena’s average attendance stands at 71,000, making it the fourth-highest in Europe and second in Germany. Just as Arsenal has the best football fans in London Bayern has the best fans in German football. 

9. River Plate & Boca Juniors

Although not well-known outside their traditional fanbase, South American, the purists that support these two clubs are reputable for maniacal support and activism. 

The Buenos Aires derby is ranked as one of the most violent in sports with both clubs having a history of ferociousness. 

With the advent of satellite TV and the internet, both clubs are gradually establishing new fanbases globally. 

8. Lech Poznan

For fans of the Premier League, the club is believed to be the originators of Man City’s well-known crowd celebration referred to as ‘the Poznan. 

Considered the most successful Polish club, Poznan’s stadium is always with over 40,000 fans. although European glory seems elusive, its supporters are true fanatics. 

Almost half of Poland from the past generation continue to support the club, and recent technological advances have broadened the fandom even further. 

7. Napoli

Having the privilege of playing host to the iconic Diego Maradona’s footballing exploits, Napoli is renowned for its highest level of fan attendance across Europe.

The stadium is always filled to the brim with an average capacity of 60,000 fans. the passionate supporters have always ensured that the team is involved in the Champions League. 

The club is home to Italy’s most passionate fandom, with fans that are ready to use every strategy possible to dominate. 

6. Roma & Lazio

The Olympiastadion is the home to two Italian clubs, and it is the most appropriate arena for documenting top football spectacles. 

Italian supporters have for years established a standard for other continental clubs with Lazio and Roma’s fanbases known as the best nationally. 

Same as ultra passionate Lazio fans who are backed by storied history, Roma has the backing of CUCS, the most ardent and patriotic fandom.

5. Celtic

Celtic Park is ranked among the most iconic football arenas globally. Lionel Messi, after Barcelona lost to Celtic in the Champions League admitted that it is the place to be. 

The creates an atmosphere that makes football nights so special, and few clubs can match Glasgow’s match atmosphere.

Passion for Scottish football is gradually waning following the troubles with arch-rivals Rangers. However, the good-feel factor slowly returned with the signing of Stephen Gerard as their manager. 

4. Galatasaray

Some online polls have revealed that Turkish football fans are best known for creating an intimidating and hostile atmosphere for the visitors. 

Galatasaray fanbase tends to go overboard during games, throwing flares and unleashing violence on opponents. 

Despite the violence, the degree of passion is legendary as several players have testified while playing against them. 

3. Manchester United 

Old Trafford is considered the loudest stadium in the English Premier League for years now thanks to its huge capacity.

The United squad had received some makeover and we hope that the good times have never gone away.

The stadium is central to the club’s legacy, housing the statute of the renowned Busby babes and Alex Ferguson. 

2. Liverpool

A night of European football at Anfield is quite a sight. The best night for the Liverpool fans was the 2005 Champions League final.

The support is the reason behind Liverpool’s drive to win trophies and games. The fandom is spread across the world.

This group of fans takes pride in displaying their passion publicly. Their only blemish is their involvement in the Heysel tragedy following the 1985 European final. It has one of the best football fans in Europe.

1. Borussia Dortmund

For a city with a population of over five hundred thousand with ninety percent following the club, the fandom can not get any better!

The fans’ love for the club is deep-rooted and they are known for the fantastic away support seen from the stands. 

The Westfalonstadion attracts an average of 80,000 spectators weekly, which makes it the highest in Europe. Dortmund has the best football fans in the world.


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