10 Best Players Premier League Players Ever

The Premier League is many times thought of as the world’s best – based on quality and competition. Whereas there are a few other leagues that offer obvious rivalry and competition, Premier League surely comes on top. Numerous foreign players have graced the English top, yet only a couple have left a lasting impact and legacy. 

These legends players are adored as the greatest in the game. Amazingly, what misses out on the list is the best Brazilian premier league players ever. Here we explore the top ten greatest players to have ever graced the English top flight.

10 Best Premier League Players Ever

10. Patrick Vieira

As one of the most outstanding defensive midfielders of all time in the Premier League, the Frenchman was part of the Invincibles, which earned him the legend tag. He won multiple titles with Arsenal and was their skipper between 2002 and 2005. Vieira was central to Arsenal’s invincible season that saw the Gunners finish the 2003/04 season unbeaten. 

9. Gianfranco Zola

Zola and Frank Lampard are in contention for the best Chelsea player ever. He won 2 FA Cups with Chelsea and was one of the fastest wingers during his time. According to any Chelsea fan, he is one of the best players ever in the premier league.

Gianfranco had numerous stunts on his sleeve that he used effectively to terrorize defenders. Additionally, he scored 59 goals and provided 42 assists for Chelsea in 230 Premier League appearances.

8. Dennis Bergkamp

The notable Dutchman scored numerous important goals during his career. Dennis is seemingly among the best players ever in the Premier League as far as greatest goals are concerned. Bergkamp’s goal in the game between Arsenal and Newcastle FC still stands out among the very best. 

He is an Arsenal legend by virtue of his contribution, having registered a total of 181 assists and goals in 315 league appearances. He likewise helped Arsenal win three titles, with his 94 record assists still standing as the fifth highest in the EPL. 

7. Eric Cantona

Manchester United managed to outperform Leeds United following the signing of Cantona for only £1.6 million. The Frenchman excited the Red Devils’ fans with his tremendous goalscoring techniques and remains a United legend. He is one of the best premier league players ever outside the top 6.

Cantona impacted the Premier League culturally and remains a widely respected figure in the English game and is considered among the greatest players in the Premier League history.

6. Peter Schmeichel

Seemingly the best team ever in the EPL, Manchester United won thirteen titles under the Scotsman, Sir Alex Ferguson, with Schmeichel in the middle of the sticks. The Danish international won 5 titles with Manchester United, coupled with a UEFA Champions League trophy and 3 FA Cups. 

5. Didier Drogba

Many questioned former Chelsea boss, Jose Mourinho for signing Didier Drogba for £24 million in 2004. However, the Ivorians disproved them all in the seasons that followed. Always a winner, Drogba netted crucial goals that helped Chelsea win multiple titles during his spell at the Stamford Bridge. 

The Ivorian star registered 159 goal contributions (fifty-five assists and 104 goals) in 254 club appearances. Drogba is viewed as one of the most outstanding big-game players after scoring ten goals for the Blues in ten finals. 

4. Sergio Aguero 

The Argentine striker is among the best players ever to play for Manchester City after helping them win five titles. Aguero netted 184 goals and registered 47 assists over his 10 years at the club., and he was the most pivotal member of the Citizen’s first EPL title. 

Possibly, as his most famous moment in the EPL, the Argentine scored the winner against QPR to help the club win its maiden title. Aguero holds the record of a foreign player with most EPL goals after overtaking Thierry Henry.  

3. Cristiano Ronaldo

Surprisingly, the Red Devils were pooled together with Sporting CP in the Champions League in 2003 and the latter won 3-1, and the man of the match was a gifted youngster by the name of Cristiano Ronaldo.  Alex Ferguson immediately snapped him and the rest is now history. 

Despite the slow start, Ronaldo made a great impression thanks to his dribbling abilities. Over the six-year stint, the player had won three titles successively. In 2008, he was the Ballon d’Or winner after winning the Champions League and scoring thirty-one goals in thirty-four league appearances. He is third in the best players in the premier league ever list.

2. Thierry Henry 

The highly gifted Frenchman joined the Gunners in 1999. In his Arsenal career, Henry registered 74 assists and 175 goals in 285 top-flight games .Henry was a goalscorer, a brilliant dribbler and seemingly the most complete forward of his generation. His control was incredible, and he merged it with his lightning pace to turn into a major threat to defenders. 

The Frenchman won two EPL titles and numerous FA Cups during his time at Arsenal. He was core to Arsenal’s Invincibles of 2004. He comes close second in the best ever foreign premier league players list. 

1. Alan Shearer

Shearer is the highest goal-scorer in Premier League history. In his career, he never played for the conventional ‘Big Four.’ The Englishman scored 260 goals in the four hundred and forty-one league appearances, rendering him the highest goal scorer in the EPL history. He is the top of best ever premier league players list.


Many would expect the list to have at least one of the best ever Brazilian premier league players. On the contrary, Shearer it is no Brazilian is on the list. Shearer deserves the top spot. Imagine winning the league with Blackburn! Furthermore, he ranked third in the 1996 Ballon d’Or listing and later  inducted into the Hall of Fame of English football.

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