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ahmed musa's wives

Before we get to Ahmed Musa’s wives, here’s a little about the player. Ahmed Musa is one of Nigeria’s most talented and successful professional footballers. 

He was the captain for the Super Eagles, played in the Premier League under Leicester City, and featured in the Qatari Super League before moving back to his former club Kano Pillars. Musa has been a football lover since childhood, and his passion took him to the topmost football arena, the English Premier League. 

Presently, Musa is attached to Faith Karagumruk in the Turkish Super Lig. Conversely, apart from football prowess, the player’s polygamous marriage has been a magnet and fodder for the media. 

At the age of twenty-eight, the star has already married three times. Even though the first marriage did not work out as planned, Musa has two wives today.  

Ahmed Musa First Wife – Jamila Musa

The player’s first marriage was to Jamila Musa in 2013. They had a son, Ahmed Musa Jr., and a daughter, Halima Musa, born in 2014 and 2015, respectively. 

Unfortunately, the marriage was a shambles by 2017, despite little being reported about his breakup with Jamila. 

The usual ‘irreconcilable differences’ were cited, with most believing the primary cause was infidelity on the Musa’s part. At some point, Jamila accused the player of domestic violence and even reported the issue to the police. 

Following the report, Musa was arrested in 2017 at his home in Countesthorpe, Leicestershire. The arrest happened just two hours after the player and his team recorded a win against Sunderland. 

After some rounds of questioning, Musa was released, leading to a massive quarrel, with Musa questioning Jamila’s involvement with the police. Ahmed Musa’s wife, Jamila, walked out the same week. 

Inside reports also said that Jamila was against Musa’s plan to marry a second wife, as per his religion, Islam.  

Ahmed Musa’s Second Wife – Juliet Ejue

After the ugly breakup with Ahmed Musa’s ex-wife Jamila, the player took no time to marry Juliet Ejue. It is believed that Ahmed Musa’s second wife, Juliet was the cause of the earlier divorce from Jamila.

According to media reports, Juliet and Musa had known each other for quite some time, so courtship was pointless. They proceeded straight into marriage.

Today, Musa considers Juliet as his first wife. Although currently based in Lagos, Juliet’s roots trace back to Ogoja, Cross River.

Musa, in an interview, claimed that he had no regrets about the previous failed marriage and believed that the second marriage would be happier and last far longer. 

Musa said that no one is perfect, and people should avoid judging others, all in defense of his previous marriage. 

Juliet Ejue and Ahmed Musa have two children together. In 2018, Musa took to his Instagram to share news about the arrival of their new baby. 

The couples seemed happy because Musa kept followers abreast with any development in their relationship. Despite a thriving marriage, Musa decided to get a third wife. 

Ahmed Musa’s Third Wife – Maryam Adamu

Musa walked for the third time down the aisle in July 2021 with his new wife, Maryam Adamu, from Yobe, Nigeria. 

The ceremony was low-key, with only a handful of people getting invited. Many people were surprised by the player’s decision to enter into another marriage.

Apart from the four children, two from the first marriage and two from the second, little has been reported about Ahmed Musa’s third wife.

Polygamous Marriage

Having already amassed sufficient wealth from his playing career, Musa has, as far as we know, ensured that his children and wives have everything they need. 

Ahmed Musa’s Wife, Juliet Ejue, was not bothered when his husband got a second wife because her religion is Islam, and she understood it was his right. 

As long as Musa ensures that her needs and those of her children are well-catered for, she will not have any issues. 

Immediately after their marriage, Maryam joined his second wife, Juliet, in Musa’s home in 2017. Ahmed Musa’s wife’s age remains a mystery. 

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