Are Eden Hazard and Thorgan Hazard Related?

Plenty of brothers have graced the football game, either at different or same clubs, but none of the family has been more involved in football as the Hazards brothers.

Whereas Eden Hazard of Real Madrid might be the most successful of them all, his siblings, Borussia Dortmund’s Thorgan Hazard, Cercle Brugge’s Kylian, and Royal Stade Brainois’ Ethan are fairing on quite well. In addition, Carine and Thierry, their parents, also had successful football careers.

Is Thorgan hazard related to Eden hazard? For these answers and more, let us find out. 

Eden and Thorgan Hazard 

Thierry Hazard was a semi-professional footballer who played as a defensive midfielder in his home country. It was thereafter that he decided to get a license to work as a football agent and represent his children. 

Careen played as a forward and netted lots of goals on free will. She retired from football when she learned that she was pregnant. 

Belgium Hazard Brothers

Does Eden Hazard have a brother? In the Hazard family, Thorgan and Eden are the more successful children. Ethan and Kylian, the younger two, are relatively young and they take inspiration from the older brothers, which have enjoyed prestigious careers in some of the biggest European football clubs.

As the oldest, Eden Hazard’s professional career began in his native Belgium before he moved to France to play for Lille. The player found it difficult to adjust to life in France. Furthermore, there were concerns about his lack of interest. However, he kicked on and turned out as of the best players for the club. 

Eden debut came in 2007 under the then Lille’s coach, Claude Puel, who did not give up on the eighteen-year-old. It is thereafter that Eden went to be the club’s star and the best player in France. 

In a team flooded with upcoming stars, such as Yohan Cabaye, Mathieu Debunchy, and Gervinho, the midfielder turned from being a poster boy to a star that led the team to a cup double and the league. He claimed the player of the year award after an impressive display. 

As Eden was thriving in France, Thorgan continued with his development despite being two years younger than Eden. The parents of the two brothers were so influential in their development, proving moral support and sometimes coaching them. 

Are Eden Hazard and Thorgan Hazard Related?

The two are brothers. Thierry, their father, was convinced that Eden was highly talented and that Thorgan needed some fine-tuning to be successful. The father considered Eden the best technically, but the latter was much ahead in terms of effort.

In 2012, Eden moved to Chelsea and so did Thorgan, who signed from Zulte Waregem as an eighteen-year-old. However, the contract allowed him to spend two seasons on loan at Zulte. In 2014, Thorgan won the player of the year award and later moved to London. Despite the growth, Eden was thriving and sustained his outstanding form in the company of Oscar and Juan Mata.

On the return of Jose Mourinho to Stamford Bridge, London in 2013, Eden had secured his starting place in the team. however, Thorgan struggled to fit into the plans of their new coach. The teenager tried to force a transfer to Anderlecht in search of more playing time but he was unsuccessful. 

From the beginning, the Real Madrid star was destined to be a star. His genetics and luck were well ascertained, unlike his brothers. Their parents were similarly footballers. As a defensive midfielder, Eden’s father heralded their football exploits. 

Eden’s father tried to move from semi-professional to professional football. His mum played football as well and only dropped off after getting pregnant. She loved scoring goals and played for the Belgium top-tier league in the women’s division. Carine’s skills and love for the game were passed down to her children. 

Hazard Soccer Brothers

The main beneficiary was Eden Hazard. According to Carine, Eden used to disappear from home to play football. At the age of fourteen, the player moved to France to join the Lille football club where he debuted as a teenager.

Every one of Carine’s children ended up as a footballer. Thorgan’s career took an up-turn over the recent past following his brother’s footsteps. He was called up to the national team and he even tried unsuccessfully a career at Chelsea.  


There is still more to come from the family as far as football is concerned. Ethan is just fifteen and may soon top the headlines. He plays as an attacking midfielder, the same as Eden. He continues to develop as he awaits an opportunity to showcase his talents. It is the reason Thierry opted to get a FIFA license to act as an agent for his sons.

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