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Muscles and soccer are inseparable. Muscular players were in the past considered great defenders because they revealed that plumpness made them stand out in less technical tasks. 

In the article, we explore some of the most muscular and possibly strongest soccer players globally. In the listing, you will find muscular athletes, both active players and those in their retirement but still maintaining their fitness. 

Despite strength and bulkiness being associated with defensive players, many players have disapproved of such thoughts. Let us check out the list.

10. Ze Roberto 

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The tenth place takes us to Brazil to meet ze, Roberto. He played both as a left-back and a midfielder. 

The former Real Madrid and Bayern Munich player started his professional football career in Brazil. 

He retired at the age of forty-three and continues to maintain his masterful physique. 

9. Adama Traore 

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It would be impossible to exclude Adama Traore, the Wolverhampton midfield, and recently Barcelona FC loanee. 

The muscular football player has distinct musculature in the ranking because the Spaniard has revealed that he does engage in weight-lifting to maintain his powerful muscles.  

On the contrary, the physical demands of football and regular training have helped him in building his muscles. It is a miracle to have almost eight kilograms of muscles without these weights. 

8. Tim Howard 

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In the muscular football players ranking, Tim Howard is eighth. The retired American goalkeeper played for Manchester United, Everton, and the US national team. 

He dedicated his energy to sports management after retirement. He is renowned for his corpulence during his time in the league.

Howard has managed to enhance his physique even after retirement. He is an avid member of the gym, which means an enhanced physique. 

7. Romelu Lukaku

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The Belgian international is one of the big soccer players that warrant mentioning. The striker stands out not only because of his height but also for his approximately one hundred kilograms of pure muscles. 

These attributes have armed him with the necessary tools to be a lethal and corpulent striker.  

Lukaku broke all the scoring records at Inter Milan before Chelsea decided to purchase him from the Serie A side. However, all has not been rosy for the Chelsea academy graduate, who may see himself returning to Italy. 

6. George Elokobi

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George is placed sixth in the ripped soccer players ranking. The Cameroonian left-back presently is attached to Aldershot in the English fifth division. 

He measures 1.8 meters in height and has a muscle weighing 95 kilograms. 

The talented jacked soccer player has never shied away from using his muscles to his advantage, shoving off opponents to win balls.  

5. Danny Shitu 

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Shitu cannot be left out in this ranking considering how strong and corpulent he is. 

He plays for Millwall as a central defender and his musculature is enormous for some of his age. 

The player is currently aged forty-one years and has a total muscle weight of 102 kilograms.  

4. Hulk 

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The Brazilian international plays for Atletico Mineiro despite being aged thirty-five years. 

He maintains a strong and conspicuous physique, which has made him one of the toughest attackers to defend against in the Brasileirão. 

Based on the existing statistics, Hulk weights a hundred kilograms and a vast of that is attributable to his prominent musculature. 

3. Cristiano Ronaldo 

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Ronaldo considers his responsibility the role of maintaining a perfect body as a machine.

The Ballon dÓr winner observes a strict working regimen and diet that guarantees his exceptional level of fitness. Even though he is not the most muscular player on the list, Ronaldo remains the most dedicated to physical conditioning.  

As every year passes, the former world’s best player seems to be stronger and sharper physically. It explains why Manchester United resigned him despite being past his prime. 

2. Adebayo Akinfenwa 

Adebayo, also nicknamed the Beast, is second in the most muscular soccer players ranking. 

The Wycombe Wanderers forward recently declared that he is nearing his retirement after almost forty years of professional football. 

The British forward has played in the lower division of English football throughout his career. However, he recently rose to fame after a picture of his muscles went viral.

1. Tim Wiese

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This listicle of buffest soccer players would be incomprehensive without the inclusion of the most muscular man in the history of football – Wiese.

The German shot-stopper switched to wrestling after he retired from football. Wiese played his entire football career in the Bundesliga. In 2014 he retired after being the heart of the German national team World Cup and Euro squads of 2010 and 2012, respectively.

It is then that the player-cum-wrestler committed himself to wrestle under the WWE, and today he is the strongest former soccer player. He has a registered weight of one hundred and twenty kilograms of pure muscles. 


The list includes some of the retired players because there is a lot of time to build your muscles while retired than when one is in active football.

Furthermore, a decline in footballing demands means more opportunities for toned muscles. 

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