Top 10 Best Premier League Stadiums

Which Is The Best Premier League Stadium?

Which is the best stadium in the premier league? Over the years, the Premier League clubs have had amazing stadiums, most of which are considered the best in the world. 

Each of these best stadiums in the premier league ave unique supporters and heritage that shapes its legacy throughout the years.

Every season, players change, teams get new jerseys, and winning odds shift. Despite the dynamics, the constant is the best premier league stadium atmosphere. Here are the top 10 best stadiums. 

10. Craven Cottage

This is among the oldest Premier League venues in the game’s history and is home to Fulham. 

The ground is the epitome of the league’s history. Its small capacity means that it is always filled to the brim. 

The best stadium in the premier league is located on the banks of River Thames in Southwest London. This is where you ought to be!

9. White Hart Lane

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The historic home of the North Londoners, Tottenham Hotspurs is a golden oldie that easily adapted to the modern era. 

Nonetheless, the best premier league stadium is losing its touch for inadequate high-tech improvements, unlike other stadiums. 

Fans agree that a seat in the stands accords you the feeling of being right in the action, a feeling television broadcasts capture. The old White Hart Lane is an interesting stadium that surely cuts.

8. Stamford Bridge

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This is the home to the Blues – Chelsea FC. For those that have never been to Stamford Bridge, you will be surprised that it is aged almost a century. 

Chelsea channeled millions towards its improvement throughout the years to ensure it remains a standout venue. 

Unlike other grounds, the stadium is designed purposefully to ensure everyone within the stands gets a taste of action uninterrupted. 

The pitch is flanked by amazing LED panels, offering the feeling that it is a brand-new stadium. The 45,000-capacity stadium is a fantastic home. 

7. Villa Park

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Villa Park has evolved gradually into a state-of-the-art venue, though it lost its charm as the best stadium in England.

The stadium’s view from the inside is bright and stunning, although its outside view is somewhat dismal because of the fever pitch and rowdy supporters.

Certainly, the Villa fans are among the most violent in the world of football. However, the club has not shied away from punishing them accordingly. 

6. Etihad Stadium

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Etihad is the home to the mega-rich and high-flying Manchester City. The stadium had received a recent upgrade and it is difficult to pinpoint a flaw. 

It enjoys all the opulence of cutting-edge football stadiums, with unhindered views and gorgeous architecture.

The downside is that because of its size, the distance between the stands and the pitch in the 53,000-capacity stadium makes it problematic and inconvenient for supporters in the lowly-riced seats.

5. Emirates Stadium

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Arsenal moved to its new state-of-the-art stadium, one of the most stunning arenas of the 21st century with 60,000 in capacity. 

Undoubtedly, it has the best pitch and amenities in England as well as Europe. While playing at Emirates is a blast, it is not as much fun as watching the game from the stands.

 Although fans struggled to transfer the Highbury’s energy to the new stadium, leaving it somehow hollow, Arsenal is starting to make it a fortress by winning more games.

4. St. James Park

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Newcastle’s home is a wonderful piece of architecture and happens to be the oldest stadium in the league’s history. 

St. James Park’s capacity is roughly 50,000, delivering a fantastic atmosphere. Home fans have a significant advantage because their stands are closer to the action unlike their counterparts, who can be as far as 1,300 feet away. 

Those with height phobia are advised to stay away. Imagine being 1300 feet high!

3. Goodison Park

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Because of its sheer size and beauty, the century-old Goodison is popular among football fans in England. 

The stadium remains a work in progress because of various challenges, such as vision impairments for fans in higher stands. 

It is less surprising that Everton is working on a new stadium. However, seeing a century-old facility hosting modern football is not only heartening but also proves that it is the place to be. 

2. Anfield 

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Anfield is home to all the ingredients that make up an amazing footballing atmosphere. Dare not a Liverpool fan that England is not the newest, largest, or most attractive arena!

The “You’ll never walk alone” tune will send shivers to opponents’ spines, delivering an amazing football atmosphere. 

The principal grandstand was expanded recently to make it an all-seater single stand in the continent, boosting the arena capacity to sixty-one thousand. 

1. Old Trafford

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Old Trafford is certainly the most popular and largest Premier League stadium, boosting a capacity of 74,140.

Manchester United is the most valuable football franchise globally and hence it can easily fill the state-of-the-art stadium with amazing supporters each match. 

The breathtaking sight means you cannot go wrong with the stadium. It opened its games to Red Devils in 1910 and it can continue to do so for the century ahead. 


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